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India-Indonesia Residency 2017

It is full-summer and mango season in Bangalore with room temperatures reaching the 30s, and we are enjoying the India-Indonesia Residency andBIO-DESIGN for the REAL WORLDmeet up at(Art)ScienceBLR. Iyok, Dholy fromLifepatchand Nopel who works on theLajur 14project have arrived, joining年代achikowho had arrived in time for thesensors, probes and detectors course.

It has not yet been a week, but we have visited some markets, looking for materials, electronic and for the kitchen lab of Dholy, who has already started kombucha cultures. Food-sampling is definitely on the agenda. We triedcircular chromatographiesof soil and sediment sample collection at (Art)ScienceBLR. We had a chance to catch up on the projects here in Bangalore, andcocomake7audio boot loader, thecocomake7 kit, and in the meanwhile, we built a8 bit mix tape neo.

We also visited theNCBS campusmeeting scientists and learning about research from gene regulation, emergent behaviours, to fly VR set ups (see more on website).

We are on our way to preparing for a big open house and second workshop – planning at least one concert, field trips… more coming soon.

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